Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easy and simple green spring cleaning

Guest post written by Kendra Blevins

It's been a long, hard winter for my roommates and me. We went through a couple of break-ups and haven't gone out and done as many fun things as we usually would. But now we're ready for a fresh start for spring break. I'm really excited to just clean up our apartment and get started with that. I thought I would never be excited about cleaning, ever.

We're all trying to make more of an effort to be green, so I looked up some ways to do some green cleaning. While I was online researching that, I came across some information. After I showed it to my roommates, we decided to sign up for one of the energy savings plans that we found on there as another way to be green and save some cash.
I did find some good resources and it was nice to just buy a few materials and use ones that we already had instead of going out and buying a whole lot of new stuff to use for cleaning.