Sunday, July 31, 2011

Graphic Design Business

Graphic Design Business

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Thanks to my awesome website successes in college I was able to come right out of school and open up my own design shop. I can’t believe I have a business all my own and I get to do graphic designall day…clients have been rolling in and it turns out that finding them isn’t my biggest problem at all! I love my little studio but I’m still working on a few things. For example, we don’t have a sign out front yet and I still need to go to totalALARMSYSTEMS.COM to look into alarm since we have so many big computers and equipment here.

I also need to find a good printer in town I can work with on cost so I won’t have to farm that out to my clients but I guess these are all things you learn as you go when you own your own business. I can’t believe I’m my own boss and actually considering hiring a real fulltime employee – who would have thought just a few years ago?

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